Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday, June 10th

Not a huge amount of change from last week, by and large, everything is just getting bigger. The notable exception is our tank of Hollyhocks, coming on slowly since February and now starting to bloom. These are a legacy planting, seeds from a horse business friend of My Lovely Wife who died several years ago. It's our second year with them, and now we're getting plants from seeds.

A few Sunflowers are developing flowers as are two of the Eggplants which had a sudden growth spurt. No fruit on them however. Every plant that came out of a peat pot is thriving, and the second planting of Cosmos and Zinnias continue to get taller each day. Even the 100° heat we're now sliding into doesn't seem to stop the growth. As long as there is water.

Eggplant flowers
1st Sunflower

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